Acting Reels Toronto - Demo Reel Video Editing for Casting Calls and Model Bookings

Our team at Veneer Video has been on both sides of the production fence for nearly two decades.  We understand what its like to go to an audition in Toronto and compete against other actors or actresses that look just like you for one single part.  We've auditoned at Powerhouse Casting, Jigsaw and Gloria Mann Casting as well as many others and done our own casting for many of our in-house productions.  Whether it be an SOC role or principal acting part an acting reel can help you get an edge in the booking process.  Casting directors love to see experience in video form, your acting resume and/or headshot can never show your true abilities better than a video can.  Having a professional acting reel also shows your dedication to the profession, just like professional headshots and comp cards.

If you have already have some on-camera experience that you would like to create a demo reel with please let us know.  We use Final Cut Pro 7, Motion and After Effects to make you stand out from your fellow actors.  When we first started going to auditions online actor / model sites didn't exist.  You could only get booked through your modeling / talent agent that had the connections with the various casting agents.  Now we see many opportunties for talent to take more control of their destiny by marketing online.  We do believe having a professional talent agent is the best way to go, however if you just want to do some non-union acting gigs in Toronto to supplement your income and acting reel can help.  Whether its a facebook page, IMDB, model profile, personal acting website, Youtube channel you never know who will find you online and call you in for an audition.  Many casting calls are fulfilled using Craigslist and other classified type sites.  We can tell you that talent that submit professional headshots and reels are treated more seriously than those that are not and if they fit the look are usually called in for an audition. 

With our extensive connections in the film and tv world we can arrange an on camera, taping in a local Toronto green screen studio to film an introduction piece.  If you are just getting started this is a great way to get some on-camera exprience at minimal cost. 

Call us today to learn about getting your own acting reel in Toronto.  Make you next Toronto casting call a success and increase your chances of getting booked.