Discus Dental Wall Art No Longer Available?

One of the first things you notice when walking into a cosmetic dental office is those beautiful smiling people on the walls with perfect teeth.  For many dentists trying to break into the cosmetic market it was hard to have your walls covered with your own patients smile makeovers. Even if you had photos of your own cases would they be esthetic enough to put up on your walls.  We're talking about  those nice black and white photos, shots with models on white back drops and showing people from every age, race and demographic smiling perfectly. 

Discus Dental which was acquired by Philips apparently is no longer offering Discus Dental wall art to dentists.

Wall Smiles is a great alternative for dentist looking for dental office model photos to hand on the walls.  Founded by a cosmetic dentist, these images are top notch and can make any dental office look great.