Duplicate Content on Website Scraper Sites

This article is really geared towards more saavy Internet dental marketers who will understand this.  You may be a fellow dental marketing professional or a dentist yourself.   I recently conducted a search and found some of our custom written content was duplicated on about 6 other websites.  This content was 100% unique when it was launched and either third party copywriters for the site owners or the owners themselves took our content word for word and placed it on their sites.  The content was also opinion oriented as opposed to an article that is defnition oriented like the definition of porcelain veneers or a dental crown. 

The web has become filled with pages and pages of essentially the same content.  There have been sites severely harmed in the search engine rankings for duplicate content reasons.  There is one medium that will make it easier to prevent duplicate content and determine the orginator of the content based on a date and time stamp of the content being launched and that is video.

Video personalizes the content in a way writing cannot.  For example,  we have many different Youtube channels based on the niche markets we service.  We had a video launched on one of our channels that we created and we wanted to upload it to our main channel, wouldn't you know it during the upload Youtube rejected it because it was a duplicate video.  That is amazing, just like written text, video is very easy to copy and re-edit if you know what you are doing but Youtube's duplicate video / content filter was on the ball.  It was our video, so we ultimately had to delete it from the one account and re-upload to the newer account.  As video becomes more dominant it will elminate many of the duplicate content issues we face and become more valuable as means of communication.  You can also prove who the originator was because of the date and time stamp on most video sharing websites. 

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