Facebook Unlike Campaign for Scottsdale, Arizona Dentists

While everyone is trying to gain "likes" on their dental Facebook pages, there's a team of Scottsdale dentists that may start an unlike campaign.  Why?  The practice has a extensive experience producing smile makeovers with porcelain veneers, dental implants, invisalign and other cosmetic procedures and gave their facebook page a title that is cosmetic "only" focused and have possibly missed out on opportunities to help patients just seeking a general dentist.  This came up when some friends of the dental office's team members saw their Facebook page but said "I just need a dentist for cleanings, not cosmetic dentistry" Its a catch 22, because if a patient is seeking a cosmetic dentist and sees a practice on the web that appears cosmetic focused their is a higher probability they will visit that office for a consult provided all the credentials and experience are there.  The downside of that is most dentists, at least today are not prepping and cementing veneers all day long.  Many still love to provide family dental care and miss out on these patients many times because of the information presented on the website.  The Facebook Unlike campaign would be to get the likes under the magic number of 100.  This allows the dental Facebook page owner to change the title to something else instead of starting a whole new page.  

It seems like some changes need to be made to this policy.  For example, lets say a dentist starts his Facebook page as an individual and the Facebook page is called John Sample Dentistry and he or she brings on a new associate and they are now John Sample and Jane Sample Dentistry, it makes logical sense to be able to change the title of the page to reflect the new business name.  If anyone has any experience changing their Facebook business title when they were over 100 likes please contact us and share your story.  In the meantime, we may launch the first unlike campign in history.  So if you happen to stumble across this Scottsdale Cosmetic Dentistry practice and need a family dentist, you're at the right place.