Geo Local Mobile Internet Dental Marketing Demo Droix X

Geo local search will affect many dental practices that have been marketing into big cities organically from the suburbs.  In this video below, you will observe a Google voice activated search conducted on a Motorola Droid X the "Google Phone"  The search results detect the location where the search was conducted through the GPS fucntionality of the phone and displays results that are literally within walking distance of the search location.  Very powerful, we've see this on GPS systems in cars, now we are seeing on on Mobile Internet devices and the local result becomes more relevant.  Although you can rank well now in the big city while in the burbs, long term we are searching for other options.  If you searched for a dentist in Chicago and found a result that was 45 mins north, that really isn't relevant to your search query.  We all now cosmetic dentistry is worth the drive for the highly trained dentist but we have difficulty seeing how an algorithm can be implemented for this type of search.  Watch the video a see a mobile internet dental search.