Google TV Internet Television Will Win Here Is Why

I wanted to share with you some thoughts on Google TV and ultimately the point of this post is to stress the importance of using online video to market your dental practice.  We've been servicing the dental community with a variety of Internet marketing services for over ten years and have seen all kinds of changes in the search engines and emerging technologies that we've had to adapt to or get left behind.

YOU MUST Start Creating Online Video Content NOW

There is no choice in the matter, the online video train is moving and will only pick up speed this year and in the coming years.

To those that have been early adapters of Internet marketing and grown your practice tremendously, you understand that the returns today in the traditional sense are not what they were when there was virtually no competition online.  To those dentists and office managers just getting into the game, the Internet will still give you the best ROI in most cases if you use it properly, have a team that knows how to handle patient inquiries.

Google TV has Launched and is a Game Changer

Watch the video below to get a glimpse of not what's coming but is already here.

Ok now that you've watched the "What is Google TV" video, lets talk common sense. 

Common Sense Reasons and Observations Why Google TV and Online Video for Your Dental Practice is Paramount to Your Future Growth and Success Online.

Video or televison marketing has always been and will continue to be the premium medium to advertise anything.  The biggest barriers to entry in the past were costs of creation and distribution.  Today that has all changed.  Now, all the smart phones have video cameras and many of them produce HD Videos like the Droid X.  There are all kinds of pocket video cameras like the FLIP Cam or the Kodak Playtouch that produce excellent quality video for less than $300.00  HDSLR cameras like the Canon 7D produce excellent quality video, with depth of field that were previously only done with $20,000 - $30,000 cameras.  Editing software for video creation has become easier and easier.  Entry level video editing programs like imovie, final cut express and adobe elements make it easier for the average person to edit and produce a video.  There are numerous video sharing sites to broadcast your dental video 24/7 no longer do you have to buy time slots through the local cable company or digital TV provider. 

Google TV vs Traditional TV

For producers of video content you no longer have to wait for some network exec to buy your TV show and air it, or determine whether your TV commercial is worthy of air time.  Now you can publish online video and let the individual decide if its worthy and if they think it is, your video will spread faster than ever before.  People will pass it to friends by email, on social networking sites and this extra distribution will not cost any more money unless of course you are paying on a per stream basis.  Google TV makes it possible for you to watch what you want, when you want. 

With traditional TV your viewing is limited by the programs the networks decide to air and often you have to buy  TV packages with channels that have no interest to you.  Now with Google TV you can customize your Television to reflect only the programs that interest you and if you are searching for content, maybe its a "dentist" :-) maybe a new travel destination.  Would't it be way more convenient to sit on the comfort of your couch and watch videos about different resorts or get to know your dentist online, by watching him or her talk about  procedure that interests you instead of reading it.  Its commons sense, if you could watch and learn vs read a learn most would choose watch and learn.  Its more dynamic and convenient.

What would you prefer?

Would you prefer being limited on what programs you can watch by a TV network and pay for channels that don't interest you or watch what you want when you want and pay only for what you watch.  That's where its heading with Google TV,  its combining everything you can do on the web to your living room, combine this with tablet computers and mobile smart phones, we will soon have the choice to watch video wherever we want at our convenience.  Google also has a massive audience, bigger than any individual television network.  Wouldn't it make more sense from an advertisers perspective to only have your dental commercial seen by patients interested in dentistry than to pay for extra reach into living rooms that have no interest in teeth.  Of course that makes more sense, that's what google is all about, user experience.  Help us find what we want as quickly as possible. 

The Big TV Networks are Threatened

Fox, ABC, NBC and CBS are all blocking full length streaming of televison shows to Google set top boxes.  Yeah if I were a TV network I would definitely be threatened by Google TV, why because the concept is a better model for the consumer.  The blocking of TV shows is only going to upset people not make them love the traditional TV viewing model again, certainly not when there is a better option.  Producers will quickly catch on that instead of handing there show of to a network like ABC or NBC they will cut a deal with Google TV instead.

Wake Up Tradtitional TV Networks

The success of TV networks are directly connected to the success of the advertisers.  Why would you pay top dollar for TV spots when anyone that knows how to use a DVR just skips the commercials.  This is not to say that traditional TV advertising isn't working for some its just moving to a better platform for conversion, the Internet and specifically Google / Youtube.

Now Back to Dentistry and Videos and Google TV

Clients that we have marketed for years are faced with increased competition for first page positioning, more dentists now have professionally designed websites than in years past and more companies are now marketing their services to dentists.  Lets use two examples of growth with video at opposite ends of the country.  If we conduct a Google search for

dentist new york

we see 6,210,000 million search results with some combination of those words.  If we type the same search into Youtube  we see only 1,540 results

That's over 4000 times the content found. 

Its like the net all over again, remember when we searched and it was hard to find what we are looking for.  Now you search for a dentist in New York and you have more choices than you know what to do with.  In Youtube, there are results but not nearly as much competition. Its just a matter of time that the number of videos in Youtube for  the same search is in the tens of thousands and at that time I can see the ads now. 

Why Read It When You Can Watch It?

Google TV, search and find restaurants, resorts, dentists, and anything through  Have you tried voice to text search yet on your droid or iphone?  Its amazing, your audio is translated to text and searches Google, its just a matter of time before the video search engine algorithms get better at identifying specific content instead of relying on a user submitted, title, description and meta tags.

Start Dental Video Marketing Today, to take advantage of this never ending set of video waves that keep getting bigger and better to market your dental services online.

Google TV is the Future, your prospective patients will expect to see your videos online.  If you want help getting video content produced for your dental practice and distributing those videos on the net give us a call at 646-761-7887.