Jumping Cholla Attacks Our Videographer in Scottsdale Arizona Blooper

VeneerVideo is always willing to go the extra mile to get the shots other won't or can't due to the dangers.  Whether its rollerblading while holding an expensive video camera, or filming in the desert with the potential for rattle snakes to attack or in this case a "Jumping Cholla"  You may ask why were were filming a dental video production in the Desert and specifically why a mountain biking scene?  We were shooting lifestyle shots of the two amazing dentists in Scottsdale at Gore and Svans Dentistry.  Dr. Svans an Ironman Triathlete and Dr. Gore an avid hiker and mountain biker doing something they love in there own backyard.  Its scary enough to go to the dentist and these videos show real people doing activities that others in the area can relate to.  Not to mention they have the credentials and experience to deliver great results for families and smile makeover patients. Enjoy this behind the scenes video of our videographer getting stuck by a Jumping Cholla.