Kodak Playtouch HD Pocket Video Camera 720p 1080i Review

Recently we attending the world's largest social media conference in Las Vegas.  The Blogworld Expo, there were thousands of new media professionals in atendance and of course, video was a very  hot topic.  We are always looking out for new technology and opportunities for the dental market.  Every dentist should own a pocket video camera, they cost less than a night a fine dining and can help you take more control over your practice marketing.  The pocket video camera we currently use is the HD Slide from Flip Video commonly referred to as a Flipcam, its a great camera and takes excellent quality video.

However, when we made the purchase at the local Best Buy store in San Diego we weren't informed of a great feature the Kodak camera had which can vastly improve the audio quality.  We visited the Kodak booth to learn about their HD pocket video cameras and got the demo from one of their reps.  The Kodak Playtouch HD Video Camera is touch screen much like the HD Slide, it has basic editing features built in and the big plus was the external mic option.

When an "on board" mic is used during video recording, depending on the location you are filming in you can get that "echo sound" with your audio.  When you have an external mic, whether it be a lav, microphone or a boom mic you can get a much clearer sounding audio track. Watch to video below to see a brief demonstration of the Kodak Playtouch Features and Benefits.  This video camera shoots 720p and 1080i.

You can buy the Kodak Playtouch at the Kodak Store