Love Invisalign Music Video Glassman Dental Care Dr Steve Glassman Instructor

There's lots of buzz around the dental community right now about the  "Love Invisalign" music video launched by Dr. Steven Glassman a cosmetic dentist in New York City practicing in the upper west side with his wife Dr. Debra Glassman.  Their boutique practice has seen many celebrities walk through the doors and Dr. Steven is an well known instructor for Invisalign.  He teaches dentists around the world how to  use the system and market it to prospective patients.  NYC is an extremely competitive market and there are numerous docs in Manhattan alone that offer invisible braces to their patients.  We built the Glassman's video website a little over 2 years ago and it has helped attract many new patients seeking cosmetic dentistry services into the practice.  The video website has separated them from the pack.  

The challenge today for doctors offering what we call commodity dentistry "a dental treatment offered by numerous doctors in a given market" normally these are popular brand name treatments like Zoom and  Invisalign. Numerous docs are certified and the challenge is getting the attention and focus.  How can you differentiate?  Well at least Invisalign has an experience rating it provides to let the prospective patients know how much experience you have.  The top of the ladder is considered Elite Preferred, Premier Preferred, Preferred Provider, Provider and Invisalign Teen Provider.  Naturally, most patients would want to see the doc with the most experience and the best price.

The "Love Invisalign" Music Video is genius in our opinion and should go viral its already received over 2500 views in less than a week on Youtube and that is high for a dental video.  Jake Wilson one of Dr. Glassman's Invisalign patients produced this music video.  Many have already called the video racy, sexy, pushing the envelope, unprofessional etc.  The lyrics to the "Love Invisalign" music video were custom created and are very entertaining.  When we watch Superbowl Ads, advertisements that cost over 2 million dollars.  The commercials involve humor, sexiness, originality and that's exactly what the "love Invisalign" music video is all about.  Dr. Steven Glassman has stepped up and dared to be different.  Way to go Steve and Debra.  To watch the video click the play button below. Jake Wilson, a broadway actor and performer did an amazing job at this.  At Veneer Video we specialize in Viral Dental Commercials and believe it will be necessary for practices as the net becomes more and more competitive.  

This viral Invisalign music video has already received over 65000 views in less than one week on Youtube alone !!  How much would it cost to get 65,000 unique visitors to your website.  Get the picture?  Viral videos work! Dare to be different.

The original song is from Rhianna and Eminem. In Arizona, need clear braces visit this website for a dentist that offers invisalign in Scottsdale.