New Google Search Results Places Merged with SEO Map on Right

Once again we now see another new display of Google's results.  The google local listings are now displaying througout the traditional search result page with reviews, images, videos. The google map that used to be in the center area at the top is now on the right hand side.  When you scroll down looking at results, the map follows you down the page and overlays over top of sponsored listings.  Review sites have been receiving tremendous weight in the engines and have also helped local listings rank in the map area.  The results are changed once again,  if you haven't claimed your local listing yet or become a Google place, its time to do so.  Results are favoring local small businesses.  It will be very interesting to see how this unfolds for practices that do SEO to market their practice in the larger metropolitan area but are physically based in the suburbs.  The engines aren't smart enough to know that cosmetic dentistry is worth a 1/2 -1 hour drive compared to something like a pizza shop.  Some dental practices were convinced to play games with their local listing by some seo companies targeting dentists by creating a listing using an address in the center of the city to get better positioning.   Very common for docs in suburbs that want to attract patients from the big city searches. This is risky business and while it could work in the short term, you could be risking the longevity of your site for short term gain.   We'll be keeping an eye on what this new search results display means and how to navigate through yet another major change in Google search.  View the new search display below.