Roller Derby Dental Assistant Rolls to Work - Filming on Rollerblades

As you are probably aware, VeneerVideo tends to get outside-the-box when it comes to video production for the dental industry.  We love to entertain and have met so many great dentists and their teams along the way that have really cool personalities and hobbies that others are attracted to.  We always try to incorporate some personality into the videos to make them memorable and stand out. Building a strong dental practice is more about the ability to connect with people than the technical skills.  Naturally you need to have great technical to be a great dentist but the docs we work with are always on the cutting edge when it comes to training and materials. In this video is one our Scottsdale dental clients dental assistants.  The day involved a professional photo shoot by a local photographer in Scottsdale Paul Markow and our team at VeneerVideo for the web video production. Kristin is a dental assistant by day and Roller Derby Girl by night.  One of our special skills is the ability to film while rollerblading or inline skating.  Holding a multi thousand dollar camera while fillming on skates is risky business but we've done it hundreds of times with success.  We can get amazing moving video footage on a low budget this way.  We've posted the final video and the behind the scenes action to show how this video was created.  If you dental practice needs a new dental website, seo, dental video production ore more contact us today.  We also have customizable viral dental commercials.

Behind the Scenes - How This Video Was Made Filming on Rollerblades / Inline Skates