Teeth Whitening in Barrie Ontario Offered at Ferris Lane Dental

Ferris Lane Dental whitens the smiles of Barrie residents with the incredible Zoom teeth whitening as seen on numerous makeover shows.  This is a great solution for someone that needs fast teeth whitening in Barrie for a special event, job interview, wedding or simply because you want whiter teeth.  Before any dental treatment you should always consult with a licenced dentist to ensure its the best solution for your smile.  Over the counter whitening solutions purchased at the pharmacy can whiten your teeth but nothing beats the professional care and attention of a dental professional.   At Ferris Lane Dental home of Drs. Raubvogel and Martin, they can whiten your teeth in about an hour with Zoom teeth whitening. 

The process involves applied whitening gel to your teeth and activating the gel with the Zoom light.  Its also referred to as light activated tooth whitening.  In about an hour you can get your teeth up to 8 shades lighter, results vary between patients.  If your lifestyle involves drinking one too many lattes, sipping on a fine cabernet or smoking you natural teeth will get stained.  Zoom is an answer to quickly whiten your teeth and Ferris Lane can help.  They have performed this treatment successfully for numerous Barrie residents that live in the North and South end of the city including as far away as Orillia and Innisfil. 

After you receive the treatment, your Barrie cosmetic dentists will provide you with take home trays for touch ups at home as you need them.  If you can wait a few weeks to get your smile whiter you might be interested in professional teeth whitening trays.  In this scenario, your dentists will make custom trays to fit your teeth far better than boil and bite trays and provide professional level whitening gel.  In about 2-3 weeks you can get roughly the same result.  The choice is yours if you want it done quicky Barrie Zoom teeth whitening is the best solution. 

In some cases teeth whitening will not be effective for severe tetracycline stains and white spots on teeth.  Porcelain veneers or dental crowns may be the next best cosmetic dentistry solution.

The best way to find out is to contact Ferris Lane Dental today and book your Barrie teeth whitening appointment today. 

The dental office is conveniently located close to Highway 400 and near the Bayfield Mall. Get your shopping done and teeth whitening procedure done in the same day!