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Creative Stock Webmercials and TV Ads for Dentists That Practice Near

See Some of the Viral Stock Dental Commercials Here and Below.

See Dental Commercial #1 - Lady in Red
Target: Porcelain Veneers / Smile Makeover Marketing
Style:  Viral Video, humor, bubba teeth,

See Dental Commercial #2 - Social Scene
Target: Porcelain Veneers / Smile Makeover Advertising
Style: Viral Video, humor, bad teeth, primary market single males

See Stock Dental Commercial # 3 - Snoring Husband
Sleep Apnea Patients, general marketing for people that snore
Style: Viral Video, humor, special makeup effects, husband and wife and son.

Dental Commercial TV Ad #4
Target: Fearful patients, sedation dentistry marketing, phobics
Style: Viral, scary, ending with happiness, peaceful images showing the patient the opposite of what may be perceived in their head.  Introduction voiceover to IV and Oral Conscious sedation.

Dental Commercial TV Ad #5
Denture patients, dental implant implant marketing,  secure dentures
Style:  Humor, viral video, older patients, 50's and 60's

Stock Dental Commercial #6
Target: General dentistry patients seeking a service oriented practice, timely appointments and more one on one attention.
Style: Humor, wide age range range and general mass marketing

Stock Dental Commercial #7

Target: Smile makeover patients seeking a solution for more confidence.
Style: Classic, wide age range range, shot on white background, modern and good for mass marketing

Stock Dental Commercial #8

Target: Cosmetic dentistry patients seeking a solution for their smile.
Style: Classic, universal, white background commercial, modern and conservative.

Stock Dental Commercial #9

Target: Patients seeking a solution for better teeth seeking employment, getting a job with an improved smile
Style: Classic, universal, shot in office setting,

Stock Dental Commercial #10

Target: Patients with teeth gaps, gapped teeth seeking a solution for to close the gaps whether that be porcelain veneers, orthodontics, or cosmetic bonding.

Style: Still images, though provoking, problem and solution based marketing.

Stock Dental Commercial #11

Target:  Smile makeovers, people seeking cosmetic dentistry, great summertime commercial shot around pool.  Great spot to target males.  

Style: 2 good looking female models exit pool, a muscle man with bad teeth and geek with good teeth greet them when they exit the pool.  The girls are attracted to the geek because he has the better smile. Funny commercial.


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License a viral dental commercial, new dental spots being added daily. 

Veneer Video has is always been at the forefront of Internet marketing and specifically in the use of video to promote your dental practice.  Our videos have definitely been more out-of-the-box than the typical dental marketing videos you see on the web and on TV.  Many of our prospective dental clients wanted to utilize our creativity and video production knowledge but were limited due to budget constraints.  We've solved that problem and are bringing Hollywood style dental commercials to your dental practice.  Our team of dental marketing experts, producers, script writers, directors, lighting professionals, videographers, DP, location scouts, production assistants, casting directors and actors have produced some amazing customizable stock dental commercials that you could NEVER afford to produce on your own!  Dental TV commercials that can be placed on your website, Youtube channel, local television station and social media channels.

We've produced sleep apnea commercials, smile makeover oriented spots, commercials targeting denture wearers, spots for fearful patients needing sedation and just good plain old lifestyle shots with beautiful people.  These dentist commercials will be licenced out by geographic area on an exclusive basis.  We promise you there will be nothing like it in your market and prospective patients will look at you like you're the superstar dental practice in town because of the professionlism and creativity of the commercial.  Creativity isn't learned, you either have it our you don't and we put our creative minds into overdrive on these dental spots.

See some behind the scenes photos below and watch our dental trailer,   contact us  today to secure your viral video in your market.

Things You Should Know About Viral Videos

For a video to go viral it must have one or all of the following elements.  Videos that go viral create emotional tension through the use of humor, creativity, **x, and/or orginal content.  People either love them or hate them and there is generally no in betweenThe benefit is word of mouth, which is the best form of marketing.   Some dentists in the community still feel its unprofessional to advertise dental services and especially to do advertising that is out-of-the-box.  We can tell you this, we've never seen a generic run-of-the-mill video get thousands and thousands of views on Youtube unless of course it was a technical dental training video.  We've produced multiple videos for ourselves and dental clients that have received thousands of views, the videos that pushed the envelope with creativity have typically received the best results.   Financial companies use talking babies in multi million dollar Superbowl ads, billion dollar domain name companies use racy ads.  In fact, recently we had the chance to listen to Warren Adelman, president of Godaddy talk about the results they had with their video campaigns and superbowl commercials.  One specific occasion is when they ran a racy ad during the Superbowl, both were approved to air by the network.  The second one was stopped midstream, this created a buzz factor of over 10 million dollars of PR value.  They also ran some other nice ads and the results were fractional compared to the racy ones.  When we launched the first Smile Stylist website, numerous doctors were wound up about the videos on the website, they thought it was unprofessional. The Smile Stylist brand is one of the fastest growing dental brands on the web today, they have launched a book called the Naked Tooth, a stock photogaphy line and DVD and Dr. Jason is one of if not the youngest ever AACD Accredited member. Credentials and marketing buzz make for a successful practice.  Dare to be different and step outside your comfort zone.  There is an old saying.  If you continue to do the things you've always done, you'll continue to have the things you've always had"  in otherwords, if you are unhappy with your growth or want change you need to do just that, change.  That may be your approach, team, focus, branding but change will be necessary.  Talk to us, we can help. 

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