Dentist Review Sites | Remove Negative Publicity Postings Verified Patient Reviews

The local listings in Google have had a major impact on how dental websites are ranked organically in the search results.  There are many factors that influence who gets ranks first and it is always changing.  One of the factors that influence a local listing are the reviews your business has.  We get calls on a fairly regular basis on how to deal with negative reviews about dentists online, can you remove negative postings on sites like Yelp? Ratemds? Yahoo Local Listings? Google Places?  These are great questions the answer is typically NO, you have to deal with them in a professional manner. 

The problem with most patient review websites is the verification process.  Are the people posting comments good or bad, actual patients?  Some are and some aren't.  There are dentists we know of that had scorned ex-employees go on an Internet rampage creating negative reviews about the practice while remaining somewhat anonymous.  The typical dental patient doesn't talk about the lingual side, the distal side and the incisal edge in consumer review so reviews with that language are a dead giveaway on the source, in most cases.  Either its written by an ex-employee or a competing dental practice.  We've heard stories from plastic surgeons as well. One plastic surgeon mentioned he had negative reviews on complaining about a bad facial plastic surgery job, the crazy part is he doesn't even do facial plastics, just augmentation procedures and lipo.  We have our pulse on verified patient reviews, this will be the future of reliable review information on the Internet.  These systems also make it easier for happy patients to post their postive reviews as we know the unhappy ones are usually the most vocal.

We also warn people not to get overzealous and create fake postive reviews about your practice on the review websites.  This is against FTC regulations and the penalties are severe if caught.  The best way is ask your patients for a review, if you use software like Smile Reminder or Demand Force you should be able to populate the reviews into your Google local listing with relative ease.  

If you are the subject of a smeer monger ( a patient that's made it their life long goal to destroy your practice online ) give us a call.  You won't neceassrily be able to remove the negative publicity online, but you can create more web pages that are optimized for your name.  If you optmize your satellite sites / pages  better than the pages the negative information is on, chances are you will be able to bump some negative information off the first page of the search engines.

Dealing with negative dentist reviews online is also know as brand reputation or reputation management.  Its really just search engine optimization, just coined a different way to target a niche audience.