Mobile Dental Websites

Making your dental website mobile compatible is not as complicated as it seems.  More and more searches are being conducted on mobile smartphones, ipads and cell phones these days so it only makes sense to have your dental website mobile optimized.  

When your normal everyday website is constructed it is built to be optimized for the bulk of screen resolutions.  It used to be 800 x 600 then 1024 x 768 and so on.  All mobile optimization is for the purposes of display is making a style sheet suitable for most smartphones.  In many cases, I prefer the option to expand and slide my iphone screen around a site that doesn't have the perfect mobile stylesheet because you are somehat limited as to what you can put in the small dimensions.  

The advantages are that you can configure very important information like address and phone to be displayed front and center.  If you have questions about making your dental website mobile compatible give us a call.  Do not lose sleep over it or be pressured into a deal until speaking with us.