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If you are seeking video production in San Diego, CA you've arrived at the right website.  We are local and service the video production needs of San Diego County based businesses.  We've also expanded our client base into over over 25 states including Canada.  Our leadership has been in the business since 1995 on both the talent end and production side, this experience at all ends of the spectrum help us produce great videos for our clients.

We are a full service video production company that has an experienced Internet marketing team behind us that consistently gets targeted views on your videos through video sharing sites like Youtube, social media networks like Facebook and Twitter and even live video streaming on sites like Ustream.  Everywhere we turn these days, it becomes easier and easier to watch videos.  Whether its playing on a gas station pump, in the waiting room of the doctors office or on our smart phones like the Droid and iPhone.  There are now multiple touch points where you can reach your target customer with a video.  It may be you want to produce a San Diego corporate video for training purposes.  If that's the case we should definitely produce videos that are optimized for smart phones that your team whether it be sales or another department can learn from anywhere at anytime without restrictions.  We still produce DVD's for clients, but with the rapid growth of digital video production, the DVD will quickly become obsolete.  Just look at how people are buying movies for home use now.  We can purchase right off our television set or a site like Netflix and not have to worry about late fees, scratched discs etc.  Life has become much better with digital video production. 

If you want a video production company in San Diego that is ahead of the curve with web technology and marketing we are the right fit.  We can produce corporate training videos, television commercials and web marketing videos that will achieve your objectives whether its to leverage your top trainer, increase sales or simply build your brand. 

We have created a niche with dental video production however we've produced trade show videos, videos for real estate professionals, plastic surgeons, accountants, restaurants, women's apparel and fitness products, action sports videos ( running, cycling, surfing, hockey, triathlon) and even viral video production.  You can view one of our recent behind the scenes videos for a series of viral videos that we are launching.

Our creative team can give you Advertising Agency quality creative without paying the high costs associated with firms based on Madison Ave.  Why pay for the marble entrances and high rents when you can get the same end result for less?

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