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So, you just started to offer dental appliances to your patients  to treat OSA.  Maybe you are the dentist with the board certification that has been treating OSA for several years. More dentists in your market are doing the same.  Many of the dental consultants are advising their clients to start treating sleep apnea with appliances.  How do you stand out from the crowd? Exclusively license one of our sleep apnea dental commercials below for TV and/or web use.

View Some of Our Stock Sleep Apnea Commercials Below.

General Targeting of People that Snore

Dental Commercial for CPAP Alternative - Dental Snoring Appliance

Dental sleep medicine is a rapidly growing  field of dentistry.  More dentists are being trained on how to treat patients with OSA obstructive sleep apnea with dental appliance therapy.  The general public is also becoming aware of what sleep apnea is and how it can affect your health.   Therefore, to grow the sleep apnea treatment part of your practice you have to find new ways to let prospective patients know you the dentist can help them with their snoring problems. 

View Some of Our Sleep Apnea Commercial Spoofs Below

There are two basic ways to attract sleep apnea patients to your practice.  Targeting those that are currently using a CPAP and those that snore but don't necessarily know they have sleep apnea or even that it can cause serious health issues if left untreated.  Often it is the spouse or significant other that is kept up at night because of the snoring so it makes sense to market to both the prospective patient and the significant other that is also affected by the snoring. 

We've created a series of humorous viral sleep apnea commercials for sleep apnea marketing.  These spots can be licensed out to your dental practice on an exclusive basis. They can be used on your Facebook page,  dental website, Youtube channel and even on television to generate more dental sleep apnea treatment consultations.  With more dentists offering treatment for obstructive sleep apnea it becomes important to stand out from the competition in some form or another.  The more training, credentials and experience you have will help your success and your ability to provide viable solutions to your sleep apnea patients.  If you are serious about growing your snoring appliance business contact us today to learn about our sleep apnea marketing opportunities.  We can build you a niche website in combination with one of our professional sleep apnea commercials and give you an edge over your competition. 

NEW Dental Sleep Appliance :-)

View Sleep Apnea Spoof Below

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