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Our specialized knowledge of the dental industry and marketing of dental  practices has brought us to numerous dental trade shows and meetings over the past decade.  We've even produced our own successful events.  Dental continuing education seminars and trade shows are popping up everywhere and the competition is fierce.  There are several factors that influence the success of your event:

  • The Educational Content
  • Quality of Speakers
  • The Location and Venue
  • Time of Year
  • Social Functions
  • and the list goes on...

One thing we have definitely learned is that the most popular events year after year are as much about the comaraderie as they are about the content.  

Entertainment Sells!  Who wants to go to another boring dental seminar just to get mandatory CE credits?  Dental seminar producers, consultants and show organizers that want to grow there attendance need good promotional material.  We can help you by building a website that sells your conference,  take online registrations. and produce compelling video that will make you stand above the crowd.  Recently, we produced a couple of promotional videos for the FACD's Annual Scientific Session and Trade Show.  We took an un-coventional approach to market their 2012 event while at the 2011 session.  You can view this dental trade show video below.

You can also use video very effectively to create a great experience  by shooting video at your scheduled party events and playing them the next morning on the big screen while people are waiting for the sessions to begin.  Don't worry we keep them PG13 :-)  

If you run a dental conference or any trade show where growth is a goal give us a call today.  We'll discuss your goals and come up with a game plan to make your next event even more successful.