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Video is the most powerful communication tool and has always been the best way to market any product or service.  Internet video streaming on sites like Youtube and mobile phones like the iPhone and Droid have made the distribution of video content much more affordable than in years past.  Now your videos can be viewed 24 hrs per day 7 days a week and specifically by people that are interested in what you have to offer.  If a picture says a thousand words, what does video say? Millions? Billions? Infinity?  Watch one of our own videos below that has received close to 120,000 views on Youtube alone, its received nearly 3624 video views a month since it was uploaded in 2007, uploaded once and still receiving views.

That's an incredible amount of views for a one time upload isn't it?  The beauty of Internet video marketing is that there is no limit to the upside, whereas with traditional television advertising your commercial is played at certain time slots and the distribution ends when you stop paying the network.  Not to mention the fact that people are now skipping traditional televison commercials by using the DVR function and TIVO type services. 

Youtube is getting over 200 million video views per day and growing!  We have specialized in marketing dentists online since 1999 through our dental directories which were recenty acquired by a public company and our wide range of other services like web design, search engine optimization, social media marketing and pay per click marketing.  There has never been a better time for a dentist or any business for that matter to get ahead of the game and dominate with web video as the main driver of information about your practice.   

Do NOT Miss This Video Marketing Opportunity ! 

The online video opportunity today is like the mayor of your city making an announcement that any business that wishes to do so may construct and place billboards advertising his or her business on any street or location in the town, without any fees or permits.

You could build and design your own billboard and put it up with some help or hire someone to do it for you.  Regardless or how you choose to put up your billboards, the opportunity is limitless. You could even build a new one and cover up someone elses old one, park it beside your biggest competitors driveway and where all your target market visits.  

You have the opportunity today to put up as many billboards as you like as often as you like in the form of online videos.  Create unique video content and publish to video sites like Youtube and social media networks like Facebook.  Who knows you could be the beneficiary of the next viral video if your spot is informative or entertaining enough.  David After the Dentist and video shot by a Dad after his son visited the dentist has received over 80 million views.  See this video below.

Our team leaders have worked on both sides of the camera, this experience helps us navigate just about any business challenge we encounter with precision.  We can help your dental practice or business with the following.

  • Educational videos
  • Corporate videos
  • Training videos
  • Conference or event video production
  • Televison dental commercials
  • Infomercials
  • Green screen video
  • White background videos
  • Patient or client testimonials
  • Television Pilots
  • Music Videos
  • Documentary or feature films
  • Final Cut Pro 7 video editing, motion graphics.

Video production is only one part of the process, we can help you add video to an existing website or one of our web designs and ensure targeted visitors / prospects see your marketing message.

Check back daily for new content regarding web marketing and the use of online video to grow your practice and/or business.  Ad agencies or businesses looking for high end video production should contact us directly for a custom analysis.  Learn about aerial video and photography in San Diego.