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Viral Video Production is one of our specialties. Many people ask us, is dentistry all you do?  The answer is no, we can help all businesses with viral video concepts and deliver a creative video for your business.  Teeth are just something we happen to know alot about ( over 11 years experience marketing dentists online, TEETH ARE IMPORTANT :-) and we also know how to take something boring and make it exciting.  We had our first experience with the power of an Internet viral video first hand while in Toronto.  One of our graphic designers one day, said hey you got to check out this video, its like the Matrix!!  We played the video which you can see below.

At the time we viewed this video the old fashioned way, through an email and we downloaded the file, which took too much time.  This was before Youtube was really popular, in fact, it probably didn't exist.   We found out the person in the video was local and as Internetrepreneurs will called him in for a visit.  We learned alot through our connection about the power of a viral video. Here was a gymnast that was virtually unknown, that developed a world wide following overnight because he put a video up that was unique and something most people had never seen before in an environment outside of the movies.  The video was passed around all over the world and before you know it, Joe become super popular.  We got him some appearances in local media and venues and his career took off.  He got in the Jackie Chan stunt team and is living the dream.  This would never have been possible without this powerful video.   We are talking about an average guy with above average talent become super successful because of the power of the Internet and the leverage it can give you.  Viral video production is also a very speculative area of the web, because there are no guarantees a video you produce is going to go viral.  But with most investements, speculative ones can reap incredible returns. 

In dentisry we started the online viral video revolution in dentistry with the Smile Stylist, Dr. Jason Olitsky and his wife Dr. Colleen Olitsky.  We launched a site with creative and funny video that was designed specifically to go viral, sure enough it did, within days this dental site was getting over 800 visits a day without any search engine placement, just pure word of mouth.  That's alot of visits per day in the dental vertical for a brand new site with no search engine rankings. Why? Because the videos were unique, they had never been done before, they were humorous to some, and they pushed the envelope. Eventually, plan 2 was phased in and the brand as it was intended to be was reflected in Smile Stylist version 2.  

Here are some more viral video productions that we've launched, many of these videos get views in Facebook, Yahoo video and many other video portals.

Dental Implants in Calgary


Close Gaps Between Teeth - Veneers

PPM Mouthguards - Golf Balls Afraid

If you are interested in viral video production let us know, we can come up with the creative.  Our minds are always spinning, there are many more videos that we could show you, why don't we leave off with the Smile Stylist beat boxing.  The fact that its a dentist alone that is beat boxing like this is viral, through in some dancers, all the better, enjoy!