Web Video Toronto

If you're seeking an experienced web video production company in Toronto that knows the ins and outs of adding video to your website, Give us a call today.  Our team of expert videographers, editors, directors and producers produce compelling videos for your business and distribute them on the web to generate sales and leads.  There are many video production companies in Toronto that know how to produce great videos.  Our expertise is producing great videos, adding these videos to your website and helping you distribute them across the top video portals such as Youtube for maximum exposure.

Our Toronto web video production team has been ranking websites online for over a decade and when Youtube started to grow, we immediately knew it was going to be a game changer for web marketing.  As a result,  to survive as a cutting edge Internet Marketing firm in Toronto we had to learn web video backwards and forwards to succeed.  Our founders have been on both sides of the camera since 1995 as actors and producers and this experience has given us a clear advantage in the production process. 

Video Websites Toronto - Combining Website Design and Video at the same time.

There are many situtions where we have been asked to add video to a website we are managing and times where clients have asked us to produce videos and send these videos to their respective webmasters.  We saw a need for for a Toronto web design firm to take the lead and create video websites from scratch and create a single source solution for website design and video production for the web.  That means the design and the final edit of the video is done at the same time which leads to better integration and esthetics of the website.  The professional polished look you get is second to none.  After launching your new website with the professionally edited videos its important to keep adding video content to your site to keep it fresh, the search engines love this and it tells your prospective customers your business is active and alive.  No one likes to work with a stale business that's not shaking, moving and innovating. 

Toronto Video Websites with Open Source Content Management Systems  - CMS

If we do more than just produce your videos for your website, and in help you with a fresh website design, it will be built with an open source content management system allowing you to easily edit your pages and add fresh content.  In layman's terms this means a CMS system that is NOT proprietary,  one that's easily transferable and more control over your websites future. Stay away from proprietary systems that are not transferable unless there is a very good reason to do one, an example would be a customization that cannot be done with open source software.  You'll also have to consider whether that customization is really going to help you make more money.  We use systems like Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla to build your website.   Sites like Whitehouse.gov use Drupal.  This allows you to easily add fresh videos and written content pages to your website.

Green Screen Web Video Toronto - Let Your Imagination Run Wild

We can accomodate any green screen video needs in Toronto.  Whether we use our studios that allow for head and shoulder type corporate shots or need a larger studio to swing on ropes and hang from the ceilings we can assist you.  Creative video producers like our team can make movie magic for your business.  So if you want your logo in the background of your video, a white background like those popular Apple / Mac commmercials or something customized ask us about the Green Screen video production.  You won't see any green haze around the subjects in the green screen videos we produce for you.

Toronto Website Videos - The Cameras We Use 

The cameras we shoot your web videos vary.  Popular cameras we use for on location shoots we use are the Panasonic HVX200, the Canon 7D and some Sony Cameras.  All are capable of shooting HD video, 720p 1080i and different frame rates.  The 7D is exceptionally good if you like the background to be blurred giving a great depth of field.  We love video so much we didn't stop there, we have the HD Slide from FLIP, the Kodak Play Touch as pocket video cameras and of course the GOPro helmet cams for action videos. 

Toronto Video Editing - Software For Editing

We edit our videos using Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe After Effects.  Some editors at other fims use Avid and Adobe Elements, we feel using these after effects and Final Cut Pro in Toronto will give you more flexibility and control should you have to edit the video in the future.  It is relatively easy to fine video editors and professionals that use this software.

We love Video!  Give our Toronto web video company a call today and we'll do our part to help you grow using video on the web.