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Web Actors San Diego and Toronto

If you look around the web or TV its not very often that the inventor or founder of a product or service is doing "the pitch" , they have professional models/actors doing this for them unless they were born with the gift of the gab.  Its very common for confident individuals to freeze in front of the video camera.  If this is you, we can provide you with your own Toronto or San Diego based Internet video website spokesperson that can be the face of your dental website.  Help visitors navigate through the different pages and educate them about your practice and services.  Adding this personal touch to your website will increase your online conversion rates and make you look better than your competition.  Its a fact that video is a better form of communication than text or static images.  In many instances we have used a website spokesperson in combination with video we take at your practice.  We have always found a way to make our clients feel comfortable in front of the camera.

We have years of video production experience both in front of the camera and behind the scenes and have a diverse database of very talented video website spokespersons.  These models / actors / sales professionals have a broad range of talents.  Many can speak multiple languages such as French, Spanish, German, Italian, Mandarin and Japanese which helps online dental marketers targeting patients in markets where these languages are important.  The bottom line is we can find the ideal web video spokesperson for you so that adding video to your website is a positive experience that benefits your business.

For more information about adding a website spokesperson to your dental practice website please contact our office today for a no obligation consultation with an Internet marketing expert. We can use your video spokesperson to market your products and services through video search engines such a Youtube, Facebook and Vimeo more.

See some simple one page examples below:

West Hollywood Smiles             Dr. Carlos Setti
Beautiful Beverly Hills Smiles   Dr. Kevin Sands
Chicago Cosmetic Dentistry       Dr. William J. Cohen
Glassman Dental Care                Drs. Debra and Steven Glassman

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