Youtube Dental Marketing Video Blogging Channel Development Set Up

Youtube has exploded since we launched our dental video channel in 2006.  At that time, we were the first dental marketing company to launch videos for dentists targeting prospective patients.  There was no competition then and still almost 5 years later there's still no competition in comparison to traditional search engine marketing.  Setting up the basics for your dental Youtube channel takes less than 10 minutes.  If you want to customize and brand your channel it can take a lot longer.  We believe it is so important to have a video presence on the web because of the personal connections you can make with your patients and prospective patients.  Video has always been the premium method for marketing any product or service.  Recently the cost of producing dental videos has gone done with new camera releases and better editing software that makes it easier to produce quality videos. 

Our vision was very clear, when Youtube first launched we saw it as a way to personalize an impersonal medium. Video blogging dentists on Youtube are seeing thousands of views each month that is only going to grow.  As more content becomes available and Youtube advertises the fact that you can use Youtube to find a local business, your sales are going to skyrocket.

We help dentists in one of two ways:

1.    We can help setup your dental Youtube channel, customize the background and teach you how to best manage your video blogging and dental channel information.  Scottsdale Dentists

2.     We can kick start your Youtube channel with a professional dental video production, shoot patient testimonials, your office tour, treatment and technology videos and give you the professionalism you need to be competitive.

The opportunity with Youtube today would be like Fox, ABC or NBC in the olden days allowing you to broadcast on their networks at no cost, all you had to do was produce the content.

There are more viewers on Youtube than all the other networks combined.