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Dental Photography Courses - Clinical and Portait Photography

Digitally photographing and documenting your cases is one of the most important things you can do to help grow your practice. With the cosmetic dentistry boom and recent economic slow down, it becomes even more imperative to showcase your work in the best possible light.  The competition has become fierce and more dentists are learning how to take great dental photographs to show the world what is possible with dental treatment today.  There are a number of dentists around the globe that have put on some great hands-on dental photography seminars at various continuing education summits.  However, its not always feasible to fly yourself, team and pay high tuition fees to learn these necessary skills.  That's when either online training or an easy to use step by step dental photography DVD can help. 

Smile Stylist® has rapidly become an international brand creating another category in the field cosmetic dentistry "Smile Styling".  Dr. Olitsky is in the final stages of receiving accredited status with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, a rigorous 5 year process where excellent photographic documentation of cases is mandatory.  The Smile Stylists have had their cases featured in numerous magazines including the cover of the AACD Journal

(America's Next Top Model winner Whitney Tompson )

Dental Photography

Their dental opinions have been published in Real Simple, Self, Fitness, Teen Vogue, Jasksonville Living, My Style, Women's Health and many of their patients are professional models that depend on perfect smiles and amazing photographs for survival.

Why Exceptional Dental Photography is So Important

Taking great photographs is not just important for technical reasons but for future marketing of cosmetic and elective procedures like veneers, implants and restorative type work.  If you are promoting a treatment option that is in the tens of thousands of dollars then your photographs should reflect that.  You would never open a luxury car brochure and see anything but a pristine photograph that evokes emotion and desire to purchase such car and cosmetic dental photography should be the same.  Now with this up upcoming Digital Dental Photography DVD you will learn how to turn your dental photographs from "Drab to Fab".

Fashion, Photography and Dental Marketing Meet

The Smile Stylist® is always on the cutting edge of modern digital photography and not only creates beautiful dental portraits of his patients but has seen his work in fashion shows in his local market and across the nation.  Get a feel for the Smile Stylist® brand in this fashion show video below.


Watch Celebrity Model Whitney Thompson shooting a TV commercial and smiling for a photo shoot directed by the Smile Stylist®

View some of the Smile Stylists® dental photography on their website Smile Stylist Before and Afters

Finally, there is a dental photography course DVD that has it all, below you can learn about this exciting launch.

This Dental Photography DVD Course will Teach You

  1. What Dental Photography Equipment You Need
    • Choosing the best camera ( Canon, Nikon or other)
    • Studio Lighting
    • Backdrops
    • Photo Touching software (e.g. adobe photoshop)
    • Where to buy this equipment
  2. How to Set Up Your Dental Photography Studio
    • Shooting on white background, black backdrop or other
    • How to make it work in any dental office
    • Lighting set-up and positioning of studio lighting
  3. How to Take Clinical Dental Photographs
    • How to properly document a case with photos ( take full face view, full smile view, right lateral, left lateral, front, left and right retracted views, maxillary arch, mandibular arch and more)
    • How to import these photos and organize them on your computer and how to safely and securely back them up.
    • How to use photos during lab communication to ensure predictable results for you and your patient.
  4. How to Use Your Dental Photos in Case Presentation
    • How to properly present treatment options using your clinical dental photographs
    • How to make your own smile gallery DVD to hand out to prospective patients instead of using stock photography
  5. How to Shoot Patient Portraits Outdoors
    • Create beautiful outdoor photos that could be featured in leading lifestyle magazines
    • Identifying ideal backdrops in whether you live in a coastal community, in a big city or rural area.
  6. How to Make a Digital Smile Makeover
    • You'll learn how to make a digital smile makeover for your patient using imagin software like Adobe® Photoshop®
    • How to use a digital smile makeover to increase case acceptance.
  7. Preparing the Patient for The Photo Shoot (After Shot)
    • How to hire make-up artists and assistants
    • Getting the patient to smile like a movie star
    • Signing of release forms for use of images
  8. Learn Basic Photoshop® Re-Touching
    • How to take your dental photo from great to spectacular with simple photoshop techniques.

and finally.... what this dental photography DVD will teach you is how to market your before and after dental photographs

How Land Big Cosmetic Dentistry Cases by Marketing Your Dental Photography?

  • Learn how to make a before and after photo book
  • Learn how to market your photos on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Youtube.
  • How to optimize your images for search engines
  • How to quickly add photos to your dental practice website and increase traffic
  • How to use your photos in case presentation and follow up.

Marketing is one of the least talked about elements of success with digital dental photography and finally a DVD will teach you how to become a star dental photographer and how to use your amazing new before and after portfolio to land big cosmetic dentistry cases.

The Smile Stylists® have achieved phenomenal success since opening their practice and have accomplished in 5 years what many have taken 20 years to do.  Excellent digital dental photography is one of the many elements that has contributed to their success and now you can learn form the Smile Stylist® how to do the same with this dental photography DVD coming soon.

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