Dental Stock Photos

Dental Stock Photos - Before After Dentist Smile Photographs

Before and afters are a topic of conversation everyday with dentists seeking to build a dental website.  Some doctors are trying to break into the cosmetic dentistry arena and others that have been practicing for years have just failed to take photos of their cosmetic cases.   The smile gallery, is a dentists calling card when it comes to booking consultations and ultimately treatment because it shows a patient what your capabilities are and whether or not you've fixed a case that resembles their own. We've heard stories from doctors about how their extensive smile gallery has attracted patients from hundreds of miles away which is a testament to the importance of great before and after photos.

One of the issues we've seen when using popular stock photo sites like and others is the licensing restrictions that prohibit certain uses.  Its becoming more common for stock photography sites like Masterfile and others to pursue legal action on unlicenced photos or photographs with restrictions. Technology has improved so much that just about anybody that knows how to press a camera button and take a basic lighting course can capture an award winning photo, thus reducing the need to use stock photos. 

Importantance of a Dental Before After Gallery

When a prospective patients seeks a dentist for veneers one of the first things the patient should do is demand to see your smile makeover before and after book. If your photos do not look professional and appealing how do you expect a prospect to drop $20,000 plus on a smile makeover when you can't even see a good example.  We are recommend wall smiles created by a Jacksonville cosmetic dentist known as the Smile Stylist, Dr. Olitsky also teaches dental photography courses for dentists and his extensive before and after gallery could be used by yourself if certain criteria are met.  Contact us to learn about the most exciting DVD launch ever.