Social Media Marketing for Dentists - Dental Practice

We like many other Internet marketing firms offer social media marketing services for dentists.  The question is how to you determine who is best for you and how to build a social dental practice using Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and dental blogs.   With the rise of social media becoming so popular and influential in our lives so has the amount of vendors claiming to be experts selling social media marketing services.  Some of the vendors are experts and some aren't. 

Dentists, plastic surgeons are professional service providers are called on daily regarding social media strategy and its our hope that we can help you make the right decisions.  Recently the typical scenario is as a salesperson will call your dental practice to offer a social media strategy.  This usually means one or more of the following. 

  1. Set up a Facebook page for your dental practice:
  2. Set up a Twitter account.
  3. Set up a Youtube channel.
  4. Set up a dental blog.

These mediums are all very important and should be utilized in your marketing strategy.

Facebook Set Up For Dentists -  Most will offer to create a nice landing page also known as the welcome page, the first step is normally to create as many likes as you can through contests and promotions. UPDATE: (This is now changing with the new "Facebook Timeline" starting March 30th, 2012. Welcome pages as we used to see them will be slowly phased out and replaced with cover photo

Twitter Account Set Up - This normally involves creating a Twitter background with your contact info, website address even logo or photo and the goal is to generate more followers.

Youtube Channel Set Up  -  Social media marketing companies targeting dentists will offer to create a nice background or graphic for your channel, add friends and new subscribers and even upload video content for you to your channel.

Dental Blog Creation  -  Usually using common open source blogging software like wordpress or typepad or platforms like blogspot.  The company will set up a dental blog for you.

What Your Dental Practice Needs to Know About Social Media Marketing

Having success with social media does not happen overnight, it much different than buying key phrases like Porcelain Veneers (Your City name) in Adwords and finding a motivated patient quickly that calls your practice immediately.  Its all about quality and not necessarily quantity.  You are building your personal brand.   We have advertised products on Twitter accounts that have over 1 million followers and the results were mediocre at best.  If you understand this you will avoid getting caught up in the hype  its better to have 150 friends that are true fans than 1000 that only liked your Facebook page or followed your Twitter account because its the thing to do.   Remember quality is better than quantity.

We believe that the information posted should primarily come from the source ( your dental practice) for social media to be very effective.  Sure you can have a social media marketing company generate new likes and followers but the actual content posted on those platforms should come from your team.  It doesn't take that much time to do a Tweet or Facebook wall post once you get familiar with it. You can add the Facebook app to your smart phone and make posts from anywhere. Posts to your blog about dental treatment topics make sense to outsource. 

Recently we have seen companies that will offer to upload video content to your dental Youtube channel, add friends and more subscribers.  You need to make sure you have rights to host the video content on your channel. 

Just the other day we came across a Youtube channel for a dentist that was obviously receiving their service from a company that offers social media marketing for dentists.  The video content was clearly not licensed, orginated from or owned by the dentist, the videos were also 100% identical to videos uploaded to several other dentists accounts.  The videos were everything from how to videos, dental treatment animations to pop culture videos with celebrities. 

Make sure you have rights to content your upload or risk having your account shutdown.

Social Media Marketing For Dentists - Pricing, Rates and Fees

This question is often raised, what's the pricing for social media marketing set-up.  Fees can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands.  It depends on what to the company is doing and how long it takes.  For example uploading long videos to Youtube can take a long time to upload , this costs money,  designing custom graphics for landing pages and backgrounds takes time.  Basic set up without populating lots of custom content such as (video and photo uploads, custom backgrounds) shouldn't cost most than a few hundred dollars per medium.  If you are adding more content, hiring the company to get more likes, more followers, more subscribers than fees and prices will go up from there.

Advice - Take a Deep Breath and Relax

Social media isn't going away and you will be well advised to do your research first and make an informed decision before moving forward with a dental focused social media marketing company.  There are also many benefits to working with a company that has expertise in all areas of web marketing so integration and tracking results is more efficient.  Make sure to get references and work with a company specializing to social media for dentists.  

Call us today if you have any questions or want a second opinion.