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We are very excited about all of our Internet video marketing services. Video search engine optimization and website development play a vital role in online marketing success of any dental practice, the increased conversion rates prove it ! Traditional dental SEO and pay per click management (google adwords, yahoo search) are still very important. We are a single source dental Internet marketing firm that offer a wide variety of web marketing services for dentists.

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Lets start with our video marketing services and what they entail:

Fully Interactive Dental Video Website - This is the ultimate in web video products that we offer. Your dental video website is built from the ground up by our entire team. The web design, programming, creative, videography, editing and database development is done in house. This allows us to create a video website unlike any other dental practice and provides the most amount of flexibility in terms of functionality and design. These video productions often involve filming at multiple locations and special effects in our green screen studios to create the wow factor every dentist needs. They are multiple page video content websites that are optimized for regular search engine ranking. This product places you well ahead of your competition in many ways because you will have a website with content that is very hard to duplicate and this keeps it truly unique. See our dental video website portfolio for examples.

Video Search Engine Optimization / Dental Video SEO: Everyone is competing for top placement in Google for key phrases and results are always changing, there are more dental websites, dental directories and paid ads competing for this Internet real estate everyday. The search engines have started to place more weight on video content and are starting to show video thumbnails in the regular results of Google, Yahoo and others. This makes sense because video provides a much better means of communication of information for its users. Video search engines like Yahoo Video and others all have search boxes to type your keywords and they rank videos similar to how they rank websites. Common sense prevails, good content should get favorable results however, their are things we can do to ensure predictable ranking results in video search. We will produce videos for you that are specifically shot for video search engine placement, this ensures the best results because they usually have some form of call to action to ensure prospective patients call your practice and send an email. We can also convert any video content that you have rights to for web use and submit those on your behalf. If history proves correct, the early adopters of video search engine optimization for sites like YouTube will have favorable results long term.

Niche Dental Website Informercials: Its exactly what it sounds like. We can help you use your existing infomercial or produce a new one for you using a professional model or actor. This is a single video that will focus on one area of the practice you want to emphasize and be available for viewing 24 hrs per day seven days a week. For example, your dental infomercial site could be focused on: porcelain veneers, dental implants, sleep apnea, teeth whitening or maybe its a video specific to a brand you are marketing like Lumineers or Invisalign. Your marketing message will be available at all times to people accessing the Internet. For examples visit our Portfolio page. This infomercial is placed on a stand alone domain name and is designed for online conversions. The perfect solution for a pay-per-click campaign and niche dental marketing online.

Internet Video Spokesperson / Borderless Video: This is a great way to spice up your existing website with a personality that will help guide your website visitors in the direction you want them to go. For example, instead of logging on to a website with static images and text, you would have a video or videos of a professional Internet spokesperson or web actor talking about your practice and the dental services you provide to your web visitors. We have many personalities to choose from and if we don't have the face you are looking for we can organize a casting call for you. We're based in Hollywood North, so finding the right talent for your project comes natural to us. This is a great entry level video product to test the success of web video for your dental website.

Video Conversion for Web and Media Players: Some of our clients already have great videos produced by other video production companies. If this is the case and you don't want new content created we can convert these videos into web friendly versions so they can be streamed online. We can also build a media player for you to add video to your existing dental website. These videos can also be video search engine optimized by our dental video SEO team.
Traditional Internet Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization AKA SEO for Dental Practices

One of the most important factors for success on the web is a good search engine optimization program. This involves getting your website ranked higher in Google's non sponsored listings and also creating pages of content about your dental practice on other powerful websites such as dental directories and niche marketing sites. This is an area we have extensive experience with and how we founded our business with our online directories being the first, for over a decade dentists have relied on us for natural search engine placement. Lets face it, if you can't be found online when patients search for your practice its hard to generate any interest. SEO involves copywriting for search engines, link placement, website linking structure, meta data and other dynamic factors that influence rank. Its an ever changing area of the net and one that should be harnessed if your budget allows for it. Many dental SEO firms guarantee positioning, be wary of this as results cannot be guaranteed and if in the rare case they are, rank doesn't guarantee results and that's ultimately what dentists demand these days. We have numerous references and can show countless examples of high rank on competitive search phrases.

Social Media Optimization - Using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other Platforms

Everyone is talking about SMO, Facebook and Twitter. Dentists all over the world are scrambling to create profile pages and telling you that you have to get on Facebook and start Tweeting and this is creating information overload. Your not alone, the good news is we can help you with our SMO experts. We have and continue to help dentists utilize the social media platforms for success. There's all kinds of me too type social media sites forming and very few get off the ground to the point that you can receive benefit. Essentially, a social media presence done properly is like being at a social gathering 24/7 and allows you to keep your practice name in front of people that are closely connected to you. Call us if you have any questions, we love helping new practices.

Pay Per Click Management for Dentists - PPC marketing has exploded. When we first started doing dental pay per click marketing on the Internet click costs were as low as .01 cents. This was done through a PPC search engine called which became Overture and now Yahoo Search Marketing. We have years of experience managing pay per click accounts. We have managed accounts spending over $100,000 per month bidding on thousands and thousands of words and manage clients spending $20.00 per month on click charges. The art of Pay Per Click Management is the same whether its 20 words or 20 thousand words. Getting traffic is not the hard part with Google Ad Words, Yahoo and Others, its buying paid traffic at the right price that's the challenge. Tracking results is one way of laser targeting converting keyowrds, but it involves more that that. Let us show you the difference. Many have left our service thinking they can get the same results on their own only to come back very quickly. We take pride in results and treat every dentists account as if it was our own.

Website ROI Analytics - Anyone spending marketing dollars online should know with very little grey area where your online business is coming from with proper web analytics. Why spend money with 5,6,7 companies blindly. Let us track your results. We have built our own web analytics program and are familiar with all the others in the marketplace such as ClickTracks, Hitslink, Google Analytics, AWStats and more. Make smart choices with your Internet marketing.

Content Management Systems - CMS for Dental Websites - We understand the importance over controlling your web content and getting changes done in a timely fashion. The majority of all dental websites we build today come complete with CMS allowing anyone on your team to make changes to your website without having to call a webmaster. Our system is the most user friendly interface on the market today and you do NOT have to settle for a templated website to obtain this functionality.

Database Development - Need a lead database for your online practice. Let our experienced and fast programmers do the work for you.

We also develop custom software applications, autoresponders and email marketing services. a true One Stop shop for all your dental Internet Matketing needs. 

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